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Nelson Mandela Bay stadium launches green hub initiative

Jun 25, 2018
Nelson Mandela Bay stadium launches green hub initiative

Innovation and community development are always at the top of the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium’s list.

As part of the stadium’s continuing efforts to improve its environmental management commitment, it recently launched the Green Hub initiative, in partnership with The Waste Trade Company.
This initiative aims to engage and empower the community about suitable environmental practices through the conservation of resources.

The overall vision is to reach out to the community, connect individuals, organizations as well as groups working with conservation to form a web of learning, sharing, action and opportunity. This initiative will create and cultivate positive relationships with stakeholders through the appropriate management.
“The Green Hub initiative invites us all to consider how we can make changes in our everyday lives to reduce the heavy burden of pollution. It is call to action for all of us to come together to combat environmental challenges of our time. We also have a responsibility to ensure that that the planet remains unspoilt for future generations,” said Mpho Mokonyama, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium Manager
“This will not only be beneficial for the stadium but the community at large, as it will provide a platform which creates job opportunities, community engagement and alleviation of hunger through the envisaged vegetable garden. This strategic direction will ensure that the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium is used to its fullest potential.”
The first phase of the initiative will commence in July 2018, where the ground work will be prepared for a successful project.

Main image: Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Mayor, Athol Trollip, addresses the audience in support of The Green Hub initiative

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