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Nelson Mandela Bay Takes Cancer Head-On: Movember

NOVEMBER 19, 2014
Nelson Mandela Bay Takes Cancer Head-On: Movember

The month of November, or should we say Movember, is dedicated to awareness of male cancers, namely prostate and testicular.  This campaign of awareness started in Australia in 2003. Through the Movember Foundation, men are challenged to test for these cancers on a regular basis to avoid late detection that can lead to unnecessary deaths.

As a fundraising mechanism, men are encouraged to grow moustaches during Movember to spark conversation and raise vital funds for men`s health programmes.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has joined millions of men and women across the world in raising awareness of male cancers.

The highlight of the campaign will be an event that will be held at the City Hall on Wednesday, November 19, 2014, at 12h00, during which medical experts will address the audience, mainly municipal employees and Councillors, thereby raising awareness of these cancers. As a pro-active approach voluntary tests will be conducted.

Approximately 10 000 men die from prostate every year globally. Prostate cancer is the second biggest cancer-related killer of men. 1 in 9 men will get cancer at some point in their lives. Men who drink over six units of alcohol a day are at an increased risk of developing prostate cancer.

Cancer knows no boundaries in terms of race, skin colour, gender, age or wealth - and definitely do not exclude the municipal workforce and the communities of the Bay. The NMBM Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness Sub-directorate consults, assists and supports NMBM employees who have been diagnosed with cancer.

About 90% of cancers are caused by environmental factors and lifestyle habits, such as smoking.  More than 30% of cancer deaths can be prevented through lifestyle changes. Cancer can be viewed as the employee`s problem, as well as the employer's problem as it affects the employee's work performance, as it could result in absenteeism, early medical boarding and early pension withdrawal – all of which holds negative financial implications for the employee. Therefore, government departments and the business sector play an important role in prevention measures, providing education and support to affected employees.

The objectives for today's event are as follows: 

  • To create awareness about prostate and testicular cancers.   
  • To empower the audience with relevant information about prostate and testicular cancers.
  • To give hope to sufferers and survivors and to encourage them to have a positive attitude.
  • To assure the affected employees that they are not alone.
  • To encourage and emphasise the role of prevention and early detection of male cancers in saving roles.
  • To encourage the employees of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality employees not to suffer in silence.