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Nelson Mandela Bay's PoeticSoul to close Women's Month on a high note

Aug 24, 2017
Nelson Mandela Bay's PoeticSoul to close Women's Month on a high note

2017 has been a year turmoil for women of all walks of life across South Africa, with many being scarred for life in brutal acts of emotional, sexual and other physical violence. Many more died - some at the hands of their lovers.

It is for this reason that PoeticSoul, a performance poet, based in the Nelson Mandela Bay has decided to put together a production entitled Sound Word as a way to commentate and to be the guiding voice - and at times the praying voice, as women continue to face challenges this time.

With her selection into the Women in Arts Manyano Festival, PoeticSoul has chosen to close off women’s month - on the 26th of August, by inviting all her loyal followers to listen to her words, accompanied by beautiful sounds from her band in her production entitled Sound Word.

“I chose the title Sound Word as a play on the phrase 'giving a sound word of advice' and also on the fact that my poetry is always served with music in the background so its sound and word,” says PoeticSoul.

PoeticSoul is a proudly Nelson Mandela Bay poet, a proudly Eastern Cape citizen is happy to show herself in this form and she says she will be delivering new poetry and bearing her soul to her followers, hoping that her audience will find themselves in her words and reflect their own lives and decisions and be able to take the stand of not allowing their voices to be muted anymore.

This is a time where radical feminism has been on the rise and PoeticSoul and her spiritual touch chooses to see things from a different perspective that is not as aggressive as what is presented in these times.

“ I am a poet who believes that I am called to deliver my words, I am a poet who believes that spirit influences all that I do, all that I say and all that I present to the people and therefore that is what I want to give to the audience,” says PoeticSoul.

PoeticSoul says Sound Word will be showcased at the Women in Arts Manyano Festival on Saturday the 26th of August at 5pm at the PE Opera House Barn, tickets will only cost R20.

PoeticSoul encourages all organisations that are tackling women issues to buy bulk tickets, so that this is not be a performance that comes to an end as soon as the last poem is performed, but also be a performance that creates answers for all these organisations.