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New George Municipal Court brings in hundreds of thousands of Rands

Jul 28, 2017
New George Municipal Court brings in hundreds of thousands of Rands

The George Municipal Court has issued over 7 000 warrants of arrest with a monetary value of R4.1 million since the court started operations in April 2017.

"Issued between April and the end of June, warrants of arrest are being served on the perpetrators as a matter of urgency to ensure the smooth functioning of the court," said Athane Scholtz, Media Liaison Officer at the George Municipality..

"During the same timeframe, the Municipal Court received an income of R406 000 with admission of guilt fines totalling R523 550 and is expected to rise significantly as soon as warrants of arrest are served and processed."

She said that the main purpose of the Court is to prosecute and adjudicate traffic related offences received from both the Provincial and Municipal Traffic Departments, which were committed within the jurisdiction of the Municipality and to ensure compliance with the National Building Regulations and Municipal By-Laws.

"Trevor Botha, Municipal Manager, said the Municipal Court is achieving its objective of providing a better service to the community and ensuring compliance with legislation and by-laws.

"A total number of cases on the court roll during April and June were 9 585, the total number of warrants of arrest authorised were 7 115, total number of court payments were 539 and a total number of admission of guilt payments were 1 011," added Scholtz.

"All income generated by the Court is for the use of George Municipality."