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New Gillwell Taxi Retail Park coming to the East London CBD

By Supplied - Sep 4, 2015
New Gillwell Taxi Retail Park coming to the East London CBD

East London CBD will soon be welcoming a new and exciting development in its vicinity. The city has already seen the arrival of other large shopping malls, so what makes this development different? It brings along many benefits and great value.

Well, this particular shopping mall brings along many benefits and great value.

For one, Gillwell Taxi Retail Park, affectionately known as Gillwell Mall epitomises the merging of social, convenience and exceptional shopping experience.

The facilities has ensured easy access through organised, professional transportation system to and fro the mall.

This project incorporates 26 routes to various areas with and around East London. A vast selection of shopping experience.

Furthermore, the informal traders will add to the ambience of this esteemed infrastructure. Services will range from your basic fruits and vegetables to traditional unique cuisine.

With over 100 stores on its premises Gillwell Mall promises to offer the consumer a vast selection of shopping experiences.

Fashion selection includes the likes of IdentityGrand ShoesMarkhamFoschini, Sportscene, Mr Price, John Craig and Truworths to name a few.

The retail mix extends to both national and regional stores.

Entertainment is the central element of any shopping mall, so be rest assured that there will be bountiful entertainment awaiting the shopper.

Notable strides attested to Gillwell Mall partners.

Gillwell Taxi Retail Park is developed by Isibonelo Property Services and Eris Property Group on behalf of Dipula Income Fund.

Izak Petersen, CEO of Dipula, says: “The property meets Dipula’s strategy of acquiring quality retail assets in targeted areas.”

This has truly been a community development with contractors and external stakeholders all crucially instrumental and significant in the creation of Gillwell Mall.

“The implementation and notable strides in the project can be attested to the enthusiasm and cooperation of the fruitful involvement of Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM), Taxi Association and Informal traders association. We are fortunate to have had them on board as partners” says Mr Shadrack Mthethwa, CEO of Isibonelo Property Services.

Gillwell Mall truly epitomises the merging and collaboration of efforts.

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