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New monetary threshold for Small Claims Court

By Sandy Scholtz - Mar 13, 2019
New monetary threshold for Small Claims Court

As from 01 April 2019, the monetary jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court will increase to R20 000 (as per Government Gazette, GG 42282, GoN 296 dated 5 March 2019).

Small Claims Courts are situated at a Magistrate’s Court. Within a Magistrate’s Court a clerk is appointed to handle the administrative affairs of the Small Claims Court. 

The Small Claims Court provides a quicker and cheaper method of pursuing civil claims that fall within the stipulated threshold.

Often claimants abandon part of their claim to fall within the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court where a claimant is able to pursue their claim directly through the court at minimal cost.

Many claimants, however, seek legal assistance to guide them with such claims.

Visit www.justice.gov.za/scc/ for further details on the general procedure in the Small Claims Court.

For professional legal advice contact Goldberg & de Villiers Inc on 041 5019800.

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