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New Motherwell Freedom Tournament aims to reduce crime and promote a healthy lifestyle

By Afikile Lugunya - Jan 10, 2018
New Motherwell Freedom Tournament aims to reduce crime and promote a healthy lifestyle

A 23-year-old man from Motherwell, Port Elizabeth, Bawowethu Jonas, has established a sporting tournament that he hopes will help young people from his township to live healthier lives while staying out of trouble.

The Motherwell Freedom Tournament is set to kick off on the 27th until the 29th of April 2018.

Coincidentally, 27 April is the day South Africa observes the Freedom Day public holiday, which was declared in 1994 to commemorate the first post-apartheid elections that were held on that day.

Speaking to RNEWS, Jonas said that he was challenged to start the tournament after observing how young people infamously use the public holiday just to party with friends – hence, the tournament seeks to promote a healthier lifestyle.

“At least for three days, I want to make a change where I reduce the number of people using and abusing drugs, alcohol and other substances.

“This is a non-gaining or profiting initiative, but the benefit is through learning from their time that they have spent on a positive thing,” Jonas explained.

He added that the tournament is for everyone whether they are in a team or participating as an individual.

“I hope to bring on board sponsors that will also encourage the young ones through any means necessary; also bring on board the Department of Health to motivate on a healthy lifestyle where the department will use its resources to test and give lessons.

“Under the influence of substances, people tend to do things that they will not be proud of the following day.

“The aim of the tournament is to benefit the community at large as it will reduce the number of people, who will be drinking on that weekend and maybe the crime rate will decrease because many will be preoccupied with this tournament. “

Jonas further advised all Motherwell residents aged over 15-year-old to form soccer teams and grab this opportunity.

“I am working on getting the support from all different sectors, Private Public and NGOs to assist in making this a success as it seeks to empower the future leaders of this country, continent and the world.”