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New Parli rules to do away with “unsuitable clothing”

New Parli rules to do away with “unsuitable clothing”

The African National Congress (ANC) has reportedly called for the banning of clothing not representative of Parliament’s dress code.

According to Eyewitness News (EWN), party MP Juil Kilian made the remark during a sub-committee meeting on the revision of rules in the National Legislature yesterday, saying that revealing clothing as well as construction attire and hardhats normally worn by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), does not own up to Parliamentary standards.

“What do we say without impacting on freedom of expression and also without creating specific rules for different genders, there are religious differences as well,” EWN quoted her saying.

Sub-committee Chairperson Richard Mdakane has also stated that the revised rules would need to include a solution on preventing MP’s from constantly blocking motions without notice, as carried out by EFF members in recent sittings.

It is hoped that the rules would be presented to and adopted by the National Assembly before year-end.


IMAGE sourced from economicfreedomfighters.org