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New traffic lights for Buffalo Street intersections

Feb 26, 2016
New traffic lights for Buffalo Street intersections

An amount of R3 million has been allocated for the upgrading of traffic calming measures of the Metro to help decrease traffic congestion as well high accidents.

Traffic lights have been installed in the busy Buffalo Street.

“Buffalo Street Traffic Lights were installed to provide free flow due to the new Gillwell Mall and also to remove the congestion at Buffalo and Caxton Street intersection,” reads a Municipal Report.

Resident Tandikaya Koyana said, “Although the road was deadly robots were not the solution as they could be vandalised or used for illegal electricity connections. Vehicles at intersections across the street struggle to enter because vehicles are always travelling at a high speed which is why I believe we need more speed bumps to continuously keep traffic calm.”

In Mdantsane speed humps were built for the dangerous crossing on the Qumza Highway road, the 50 meters stretch has become the most deadly in the suburb.

According to a Municipal Report, the long stretch takes place fortnightly and at least one life is lost a month. Four speed humps have been built to help decrease accidents as well as measure to reduce speed which allows for pedestrian crossing for passengers.

Speaking on behalf of his Ward Councillor Simon Maphuka said, “I have been pleading with Buffalo City since the year 2000, I am glad something has finally been done.”

“The areas that we are looking at now are the new roads that are being surfaced under the Mdantsane Project especially near schools as taxis tend to speed, hence our target is to put measures before accidents happen,” reads a Municipal Report.