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New video from Port Elizabeth adds twist to mysterious Patensie 'meteorite'

NOVEMBER 10, 2015
New video from Port Elizabeth adds twist to mysterious Patensie 'meteorite'

While a team from the Kouga Local Municipality had no luck on Monday in locating a mysterious bright object - believed by some to be a meteorite, that fell from the sky before exploding with a loud bang near the Patensie area on Sunday night, a new video emerged in Port Elizabeth showing another twist to this mystery.

The CCTV footage, which was shared by YouTube user, Morphios101, shows an unidentified object apparently 'falling' from the sky after midnight last Thursday before bursting and lighting up the whole sky for a moment.

According to the user, the video was captured by cameras outside their house in Rowallan Park, Port Elizabeth.

He writes: "Hey guys. We just put in camera's outside our house and this is what we caught. Please if anyone knows what this could be."

Following reports on Monday, of the alleged meteor that hit just outside Patensie, many Facebook users from - some from as far away as Cradock claimed to have seen Sunday's event.

"I saw a green light in my lounge and sky, but it looked like lightning, but told myself lightning not green, then decided, ok maybe I saw a sap vehicle's light," said Amelda Coetzee from Bloemendal in a Facebook post.

Els Chante from Despatch in PE, posted; "Jip I've seen it. My grandmother and I came from the cafe and when we just enterd our gate we saw it,my grandmother said it was someone shooting a cracker, but I told her it couldn't be because a cracker don't go down so fast and it didn't was like that bright."

"We saw a white light, like lightning but with a bigger front part going very fast from the east, and after a while a big noise. And it was not very high. We are staying in Blue Horizon Bay (PE)," posted Adri Griesel.

So apparently, it was just not one event but two events - only days apart... and nobody seems to know what the objects were.

On Monday, the SA Weather office could not be drawn to comment on Sunday's event - explaining (and rightly so) that meteorology, or what some now call UFOlogy, is not an area of their expertise.

Some have also taken to social media to lambast authorities for no being aware of what is happening in our local skies arguing that unknown objects flying or falling from the sky could pose a danger to local communities.

Or perhaps someone has an answer...

On Monday, US news site, Vice News, announced that a mysterious beam of light that streaked across the California sky (also on Sunday night) had been mistaken by many for a UFO. However, Vice News said that it had turned out to be a Trident missile test-fired by the Navy (if the official US government account is to be believed).

Facebook and Twitter users had also believed it to be connected to the South Taurid meteor shower that peaked earlier last week.

The annual South Taurid meteor shower, which peaked on Wednesday and Thursday last week couldalso be a logical explanation for the Port Elizabeth video.  

WATCH video below of Rowallan Park event courtesy of Paranormal Videos Africa.


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