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Ngqura to handle 110 million tonnes of cargo by 2044

OCTOBER 20, 2014
Ngqura to handle 110 million tonnes of cargo by 2044

Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) says that the 30-year forecast predicts that the Port of Ngqura will handle “up to 110 million tonnes of car-go a year”.

In a presentation: “Port Development Framework Plans 2014,” TNPA notes that currently the port handles just over six million tonnes a year with over 400 vessel calls.

TNPA notes that the “intended role” of the port “has been through a number of developments since its inception”.

However, it adds, its relationship with the Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ), as a deep-water port to service IDZ tenants “has remained constant”

.Further, its role of “providing cargo handling capacities beyond the limitations of the existing ports of Port Elizabeth and East London,” has also remained constant.

TNPA points out the Ngqura was originally planned as a bulk port but “has been adapted for container handling.

“Ngqura’s current primary role is to target transhipment cargoes, both for East and West African ports, as well as for intercontinental transhipments.

“In addition, Ngqura will handle container cargoes for the local hinterland, and be positioned to handle overflow Gauteng cargoes should capacity in Durban be exceeded.”

TNPA states that in addition to containers, two other “potential cargo handling operations will add to the role of the Port of Ngqura.

“The first is the relocated manganese ore operations from Port Elizabeth, which will catalyse Ngqura’s role as a bulk port. The second is the crude oil import and refined fuel export facilities.”

TNPA says that IDZ-generated projects, “none of which have been finalised, collectively indicate a significant role for Ngqura as a port servicing the CDC’s tenants.

“Most relevant is the potential development of the Mthombo Refinery.”

A feasibility study on the refinery by PetroSA and its partners Chinese state oil company Sinopec and the Industrial Development Corporation is scheduled for completion at the end of this year.

Thereafter, Cabinet will decide whether to go ahead with the project. - metrominutes