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Nine killed in dramatic Asian plane crash

By Charl Bosch - Feb 4, 2015
Nine killed in dramatic Asian plane crash

A reported nine people are believed to have been killed after a TransAsia plane crashed into a river in the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, shortly after take-off.

Local media reports that the 10 month old ATR 72-600 turboprop, with 58 passengers on-board, was heading from the Taipei’s Sung Shan airport to Shang-Yi Airport in Fujian Province when the accident happened.

Dramatic video footage taken from an in-car dash cam and posted on twitter, shows TransAisa Flight GE235 suddenly appearing over a high rise before turning as it approaches the highway, nearly wiping-out a van, and then clipping the bridge railing as it careens into the river.

Taiwan’s civilian aeronautic authority has confirmed that 16 people have been rescued. The accident is reported to be the second involving a TransAsia ATR turboprop after one of its earlier 500 models, crashed while trying to land in stormy weather at Penghu Island in July, killing 48 of the 58 passengers on-board.


CAPTION: Dash-cam footage of the TransAsia ATR 72-600 turboprop cartwheeling over a highway before crashing into a river shortly after taking off from Taipei’s Sung Shan airport. IMAGE sourced from www.aljazeera.com