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Nine workers die after house collapse

By Natali Iverson - Aug 18, 2014
Nine workers die after house collapse

Nine people have been confirmed dead and another nine injured following the collapse of a house at an upmarket estate south of Johannesburg.

A spokeswoman for Netcare 911, Santie Steinmann, told eNCA that emergency workers were still combing the area for more survivors.

“When I last checked, there were no people missing or unaccounted for. But we are still making sure, and hoping for the best,” said Steinmann.

Earlier, conflicting reports emerged as to the actual death toll, after a still under construction double storey home came down on workers, at the Meyersdal Eco Estate in Alberton on Monday morning. The original death toll was put at eight fatalities and eight injuries, while the estate claimed that only two people had died with no mentioning of injuries.

Labour Minister, Mildred Oliphant, has sent her condolences to the family of the deceased, while her department has stated that it has send a team out to determine what caused the incident.

“The department has dispatched a team of inspectors to investigate after which they will issue a preliminary report on the cause of the accident,” acting ministerial liaison officer, Mokgadi Pela, told the broadcaster.


Photo courtesy of www.kemptonexpress.co.za