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Nissan Micra Active and the best deal in town

By Graeme Lund - Oct 25, 2018
Nissan Micra Active and the best deal in town

What car to buy?

I am probably one of the most unemotional car buyers around. I have no brand loyalty and, when buying a car, I approach the purchase on a mathematical basis.

This involves creating a spreadsheet with weighted values for the most important reasons for buying the vehicle. Obviously these reasons are dictated by the purpose of the vehicle. Thus a family car will have different weights or criteria than an office runabout. The vehicle with the highest score is usually the vehicle that I buy.

Nissan Micra Active makes perfect sense

I recently had the pleasure of driving a Nissan Micra Active for a couple of days and was immediately impressed by its looks, performance and features. As an entry level vehicle this is a rather amazing car.

If I was in the market for an office runabout or if I was fresh out of university and looking to buy my first new car or if I was a dad wanting to buy my child their first car then, on my weighted value score, the Nissan Micra Active would win.

Price, economy and maintenance costs would be heavily weighted, and as a father, so would safety.

To begin with, the purchase price of a new Active is R177 900 which is extremely competitive. However, what really makes a difference is the class leading 6 Year/150 000 km warranty. A manufacturer who offers this kind of deal knows they’ve made a solid vehicle.

Fuel consumption is an incredible 5.2 l per 100km and the vehicle comes with a 3 Year/90 000 km service plan. This makes a huge difference to the vehicles running costs. Once the service plan is over, the service intervals are also a class leading 15 000km.

I chatted to Johan Londt, the Dealer Principle at Nissan EC and he says the Actives sell like hot cakes, particularly the demo models that sell for under R150 000.

Peace of mind for dad

The Nissan Micra Active comes with two front airbags, ABS and auto door-lock. To my mind the three most important features when it comes to safety.

When questioning Johan about the car he said that it is incredibly tough and safe. One of his drivers was delivering the vehicle out of town and was driving at night. The Active collided with two cows and wrecked the car. The driver was checked into hospital with shock but, incredibly, walked out the next day.

The NCAP Five Star rating is obviously well earned.

Great looks and features

The Micra design is very neat and also very different. I asked my daughters what they thought of the design and they said it was “cool”. A higher accolade would be hard to find.

For an entry level vehicle, it is packed with features. The Infotainment system comes with Bluetooth and connecting my phone was quick and easy. The vehicle also comes with a built in Sat Nav system, another class leading feature.

No doubt, if I was in the market, this would be the car I would buy.

For more information contact Nissan EC on 041 402 9400 or visit them at 2 Uitenhage Road, Port Elizabeth.

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