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NMB dam levels rising 'a sign ancestors are happy with Bobani's administration'

By Afikile Lugunya - Sep 11, 2018
NMB dam levels rising 'a sign ancestors are happy with Bobani's administration'

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani, his deputy, Tshonono Buyeye, and new MMC of Infrastructure, Engineering, Electricity & Energy, Andile Lungisa, as well as the members of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Mayoral Committee on Tuesday made a visit to the Bay’s catchment areas.

The visit focussed on the Impofu and Churchill dams and came after the good rains that were witnessed last week and over the weekend.

Impofu dam and Churchill dam are two of the five major dams that supply Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and the Kouga Local Municipality with drinking water.

It was a relief for those on the tour to find the once-dried up Impofu dam currently at over 33038 Kilolitres (31.24%) and filling up.

According to the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s Senior Director of Water and Sanitation, Berry Martin, the Impofu is the largest dam when compared to Churchill dam.

However, Churchill dam had received the most run-off water and currently stands at over 31889Kl (90,49%). It is a major supplier of water to the Bay, while it remains the smallest dam and is a third of the Impofu dam and carries about 25% of the Kouga dam’s capacity.

According to Martin, Churchill dam has not been this full in more than 2.5 years.

Although the dam levels are rising, Martin said that he cannot guarantee that the Nelson Mandela Bay is now safe from Day Zero because every four years there is a drought.

"With the rain that has fallen that has pushed Day Zero that was in the back of our minds while Cape Town was experiencing water crisis but you must put everything into context,” he described.

"The change in the dam levels proves that we cannot live without water restrictions, we must carry on with our water restrictions until we get to our rain season again.”

However, to MMC Lungisa the rains meant something else.

"In our culture, when it rains it means a blessing. When Trollip was a mayor, it didn't rain, but now that there is a new administration, it rained and that is a clear indication that Mayor Bobani is welcomed by ancestors," he described.

Bobani agreed and said: "This rain was waiting for this new leadership, under the leadership of Trollip, it was dry; it was a must that we must take over so that we can bring in the rain."

To local residents, he urged: "Don't waste what we already have let's keep it because this is our common commodity."

Over the weekend, the Democratic Alliance's (DA) Athol Trollip, the former Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, also said that they prayed and it rained - read HERE.

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