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NMB Metro police force stalling since 2013 - Trollip

NMB Metro police force stalling since 2013 - Trollip

Democratic Alliance (DA) Eastern Cape leader Athol Trollip has alleged that the party had managed to obtain a gazetted document showing plans for a Metro police force in Nelson Mandela Bay, had laying static for almost three years.

Speaking in Gelvandale on Tuesday outside the home of two-year old Caydene Ruiters who died in a gangster related shootout last year, Trollip said the plan was declared a “special project” by then Executive Mayor Benson Fihla in June 2013, but that it’s continuing delay is “final confirmation of the disarray and mayhem in which the ANC finds itself in Nelson Mandela Bay”.

“In late October 2015, the current ANC Mayor asked for “a tangible, cost-effective plan to launch the metro police”, which needed to be on his desk by the end of November, at the latest. Two months later, there is still no plan and no officers on the beat, because the ANC simply does not care enough to act,” Trollip said.

“All we have seen so far is [Executive] Mayor [Danny] Jordaan unveiling borrowed vehicles at glitzy events, with absolutely no boots on the ground. The ANC must surely understand that these political stunts don’t save lives and only waste valuable tax payers’ money”.

Referring to the document, Trollip said the initial requirements, projected at costs equal to 2009 standards, would be updated if the party were to be elected in this year’s municipal elections.

He however added that the projects’ failure to implemented shows the ruling party is not serious in ensuring the safety of its citizens in the Metro.

“Gangsterism and crime continue to keep our people in constant fear with 80% of Nelson Mandela Bay’s residents too afraid to go out at night,” he said.

“Should the ANC choose to ignore this plan, it will be choosing to send more Nelson Mandela Bay residents into the firing line of crime”.