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NMB safety and security officers on standby for Guy Fawkes tonight

NOVEMBER 5, 2015
NMB safety and security officers on standby for Guy Fawkes tonight

The Nelson Mandela Bay's security and safety personnel will be out and about during tonight's Guy Fawkes celebrations. 

"Safety and security officials, including the Fire and Emergency Services, South African Police Services and the municipal security will be out in full force to provide a safe environment and to minimize harmful effects on animals when fireworks are discharged during Guy Fawkes," the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's Chairperson for Safety and Security, Cllr Fikile Desi said.

Residents are reminded that the discharge of fireworks is only permitted between 18:00 and 21:00 in designated areas unless permission has been granted by the appropriate authorities in terms of the municipality’s by-laws and the Explosives Act.

Cllr Desi reminded those observing the British tradition that the discharge of fireworks within 500 metres of the following areas, is not allowed:

  • An animal hospital or veterinary surgery;

  • A hospital;

  • Residential areas;

  • An establishment at which animals are lodged for reward;

  • An old age home catering for frail or semi-frail aged;

  • A petrol filling station; and

  • A bulk storage installation for petroleum products or other flammable substances.

General Safety Precautions:

  • No fireworks should be discharged in any residential area.

  • Do not try to re-ignite fireworks.

  • When fireworks do not discharge, do not approach such fireworks immediately, as a delayed discharge or explosion may occur.

  • Fireworks should not be discharged whilst being held in the hand.

  • Do not bind fireworks together; light them one by one.

  • Keep pets indoors whilst fireworks are being set off. They become afraid, nervous, disorientated and could become aggressive. It is a very stressful experience for most animals.

In case of emergencies the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Traffic, Fire and Emergency Services can be contacted at 041 585 1555.