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NMB to host its 4th annual Novice Entrepreneur Workshop in New Brighton

NMB to host its 4th annual Novice Entrepreneur Workshop in New Brighton

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality announced on Monday that it will be hosting its 4th annual Novice Entrepreneur Workshop. The event will be taking place at Nongoza Jebe Hall in New Brighton on Thursday.

This year, during the Africa month, the Bay will attempt to break the existing record by having 1670 people networking at once. This will be in honour of our former president, the late Nelson Mandela. The event is proudly sponsored by the City of Champions, which is an NMB Legacy Project.

The event aims to teach the youth of the Bay about starting a business, from the idea up to the planning of it. A panel of judges will be looking at the presentation on that day.

President of the City of Champions, Mazizi Msutu, said he wants to unite businesses throughout Africa in order for them to conduct business in a more open and transparent  manner.

“We want to see how can we do better business together throughout Africa,” said Msutu.

Organiser of the event, Lynn van Vuuren, said they believe that each person is blessed with certain skills that can be harnessed and honed to help them run their own businesses.

“We visit schools throughout the year to invite the youth to attend this workshop free of charge in order for them to gain valuable knowledge from business leaders on how to start their own businesses,” said Lynn van Vuuren.

She added that starting out does not require funding, most successful businesses started out with nothing but their passion and skills  helped them to succeed in their lives.

Businesses are invited to exhibit their products and services to the guests that day. This will be the largest Business Expo in the Bay with an estimation of 54 exhibitors on the day.

The event also aims to instil entrepreneurship in the youth to not rely on the government. There will also be prizes given away to the lucky winners, which include plus-minus R50 000, vouchers from Baywest Mall, Coaching sessions, workshops and many more.

The event will be starting at 07:30 till 16:30 on the 26th of May 2016.