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NMB Tourism launches Colours for You Photography Exhibition

By Jesica Slabbert - Aug 31, 2016
NMB Tourism launches Colours for You Photography Exhibition

Tourism month is starting this September and Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism has kick-started it with the launch of a month long Photography Exhibition, on Tuesday,  in collaboration with Colours for You SA that showcases images celebrating Nelson Mandela Bay.

Instagrammers, Photographers and creatives were asked to submit beautiful and unique images of Nelson Mandela Bay that promotes the people, heritage, nature and the city by using the hashtags #ShareTheBay and #ColoursofYouSA.

The images were submitted via Social Media, and over a hundred were selected to showcase during September at the Athenaeum in central, Port Elizabeth.

The ten photographers whose works are being displayed at the exhibition are; Niki Marusich-Peel, Thelma Nel, Jaco Vermaak, Marc Hervé, Khurshid Dustmurodov, Sol Ferreira, Shawn Marsh, Dale Gathercole, Abo Ngalonkulu and Craig Anderson.

Andrew Whitfield, a Councillor in Nelson Mandela Bay, was the keynote speaker for the event.

“We are a fun, family-friendly, affordable destination, and we are ready to compete for our rightful places as an international and domestic tourism destination of first choice,” said Whitfield.

10 selected photographers had their works on display, with their works for sale on either a canvas or an A5 photo. Smaller prints that were shared online with the specified hashtag are also for sale. The proceeds from this exhibition will go towards Umzobo Wam, a local non-profit initiative that supports South African children in sharing their stories of township life through photography.

“With the growth in social media, Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism has, in recent times, increased a focus on digital marketing activities to reach locals and to encourage sharing through various digital campaigns which led to the growth of the #ShareTheBay hashtag,” said Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism Marketing Manager, Titus Chuene.

Nelson Mandela Bay will, in addition to the month-long exhibition, be hosting a variety of activities from sports events to media campaigns. Most of these events will be digitally orientated to create awareness and provide the industry with tools to harness the digital media space.

The exhibition will be open to the public from the 1st of September.