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NMBM accused of lying about Walmer Township water and sanitation situation

NMBM accused of lying about Walmer Township water and sanitation situation

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Nelson Mandela Bay has blasted the municipality for allegedly lying to the South African Humans Rights Commission (SAHRC) about the status of water and sanitation in Walmer Township.

Speaking in the township’s G-West area on Monday, DA Provincial leader, and Metro mayoral candidate Athol Trollip, flanked by the party’s Shadow Minister of Water and Sanitation Nosimo Balindlela, said Metro Executive Director for Infrastructure and Engineering, Dr Walter Shaidi’s claims in a leaked document addressed to the SAHRC’s office in East London that toilets would be built from April 2016, contradicts a June 14th report by Infrastructure and Engineering Head, Andile Mfunda, that the building of ablutions would be looked into.

According to the document dated November 14 2015, Shaidi remarked that the Metro “adopted a revised approach to bucket eradication” on October 3 2014, and this remains the “most lasting solution and there remains included in the strategy communal ablutions, slab and toilet and construction of subsided houses on reserved sites”.

“Bucket toilets have been on the ANC’s eradication list since 1994. It is now 2016 and Nelson Mandela Bay has the highest number of bucket toilets of any Metro city in South Africa. This shows a lack of compassion and commitment,” Trollip said.

“By lying, the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro has tried to mislead the SAHRC in order to manipulate the outcomes and delay the tabling of the investigation’s report.

He stated that the party would once again raise the matter with the SAHRC to “alert them of the municipality’s blatant dishonesty and lies”.

“This is sad portrayal of the past repeating itself. The people are still without toilet and are indecently subjected to difficult conditions. As members of the Parliament, we have a right to support the instructions of the SAHRC but if the municipality is not abiding, we will submit a petition to Parliament,” Balindlela told RNEWS.

Last week, a poll by Ipsos revealed that 34% of respondents in Nelson Mandela Bay would vote for the DA with the ANC second on 30% and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) third on seven percent, although 21% remain unsure of their chosen party.


CAPTION: Democratic Alliance Eastern Cape leader, and Nelson Mandela Bay Metro mayoral candidate Athol Trollip speaking to Walmer Township G-West resident Nosiphiwo Mani and DA Shadow Minister for Water and Sanitation Nosimo Balindlela during a oversight visit to the area on Monday morning.