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NMBRA and Afriforum PE to clear 'hazardous' Framesby plot and bill Metro

FEBRUARY 19, 2015
NMBRA and Afriforum PE to clear 'hazardous' Framesby plot and bill Metro

In a long-standing dispute between the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and AfriForum PE as well as the Nelson Mandela Bay Ratepayers Association (NMBRA), over the clearing of plot Erf 951 Framesby, in Dorfman Crescent, in Framesby, the two organisations say they will now clear the plot and bill the municipality.

“NMBRA and AfriForum PE will have Erf 951 Framesby cleared as per quotation … and claim cost back from the Metro or let Framesby residents short pay rates to recover cost after Framesby residents been complaining for six years to have this plot cleared,” said Kobus Gerber, Vice Chairperson of AfriForum Port Elizabeth, in a statement.

The quotation seen by RNews says the job will cost R44 000 excluding Vat.

NMBRA and AfriForum PE argue that as long as Erf 951 Framesby remains uncleared, it poses a hazard to local residents.  

“It was declared a fire hazard by Mr Johan Potgieter from the Fire Department two years ago but yet the Metro ignored the outcry from Framesby residents who regularly find snakes in their backyards,” says Gerber.

Previously, he said that he believes the Metro is “indeed not willing to listen and execute the basic service we as consumers pay for”.

“…therefore we have asked three companies to quote to clear the plot.

“This will be forwarded to the Metro and we will utilise the best to execute the work the Metro obviously cannot do since they do not have a functional tractor to use. I have offered Mr Scott a truck to remove and dump all rubble cleared because Mr Scott also informed me that they have no truck to remove the cleared rubble,” he said.

“We will serve the Metro with a notice that we will clear the said plot and send them the bill for full and final settlement.”

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality was still to respond at the time of publishing this article. We will update you as soon as we get their response.