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NMMU #FeesMustFall calls for a 'ceasefire' - but only for Friday!

By Jesica Slabbert - Oct 21, 2016
NMMU #FeesMustFall calls for a 'ceasefire' - but only for Friday!

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) #FeesMustFall movement has called for a 'ceasefire' on Friday, saying on their Facebook page, that this was in light of the recent rape of two students on Wednesday. The movement is understood to be the most vocal among several that are calling for free education at the institution.

“It would be wise for us to have concrete actions to compliment this statement regarding the rape of two fellow NMMU students who were fleeing the volatile situation on campus,” said their Facebook.

“In that regard, we would like to propose that there be a ceasefire today. This must not be mistaken as a suggestion of us abandoning the call for free education. The ceasefire will be only for today. Our Sinye-anye campus situation in the quest for free education can and must continue on Monday until the realisation of the call.

“Comrades are urged to please rest and avoid any arrests today as they will only be released on Monday and also run the risk of a further five days beyond Monday.”

They have also called for support for the 33 students that have been arrested for public violence over the past week during the student protests, by going to the New Law Courts where they will be appearing for the first time. 

Meanwhile, late on Thursday night, another building at the NMMU this time the South Campus Boma building, was reportedly on fire - the cause is unknown at this point.