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NMMU Madibaz rule in intervarsity

Aug 15, 2016
NMMU Madibaz rule in intervarsity

The NMMU-Madibaz teams retained their status as the top sporting institution in the Eastern Cape with another triumph in the annual intervarsity in Port Elizabeth on Saturday.

After a packed day of sporting action between four academic institutions, the Madibaz reigned supreme in the overall stakes with first places in 19 different categories over 12 sports and activities.

Walter Sisulu University showed the talent in their ranks by achieving victories in seven categories.

Rhodes University and Fort Hare also played their part.

The Rhodians won the men’s first team and women’s third team hockey sections while the latter triumphed in karate, women’s sevens rugby and men’s first team rugby.

In the men’s first team rugby competition Fort Hare beat Walter Sisulu 26-7 and NMMU were just too good for Rhodes, winning 20-0.

The host varsity showed their depth in the men’s rugby by also winning the second team division and the U21s.

Walter Sisulu shone in the football competition, winning the men’s first and second divisions as well as the women’s category.

In their opening match in the men’s first division, they defeated Fort Hare and then overcame the hosts 9-8 in a penalty shootout after the final ended in a goalless draw.

The Madibaz triumphed on the netball and basketball courts after finishing on top in both the A and B sections.

Madibaz Sport deputy director Riaan Osman was delighted with the way the intervarsity unfolded.

“There was a good vibe shared among the students both on and off the field,” he said. “The usual camaraderie and fierce competition among the students were clearly evident.

“Our Madibaz teams are naturally proud of defending our intervarsity title which we won last year in Grahamstown.”

The results were:

Ballroom dancing

1. NMMU, 2. Rhodes



Women:1. NMMU, 2. UFH, 3. WSU

Men:1. NMMU, 2. Rhodes, 3. UFH, 4. WSU


Black Ball pool

Men:1. NMMU, 2. Rhodes, 3. WSU, 4. UFH

Women: 1. WSU, 2. NMMU, 3. Rhodes, 4. UFH

Chess:1. NMMU, 2. WSU, 3. UFH




2. WSU


4. UFH



Men 1st:1. WSU, 2. NMMU, 3. UFH, 4. Rhodes

Men 2nd:1. WSU, 2. NMMU Prem, 3. NMMU George Campus

Men 3rd:1. NMMU Res, 2. NMMU CLF, 3. WSU

Women 1st:1. WSU, 2. NMMU, 3. Rhodes, 4. UFH



Men 1st:1. Rhodes, 2. NMMU

Women 1st:1. NMMU, 2. Rhodes

Men 2nd:1. NMMU, 2. Rhodes

Women 2nd:1. NMMU, 2. Rhodes

Men 3rd:1. NMMU, 2. Rhodes

Women 3rd:1. Rhodes, 2. NMMU



1. UFH, 2. WSU, 3. NMMU


Law (Moot Court)

1. WSU, 2. NMMU, 3. Rhodes



A section:1. NMMU, 2. Rhodes, 3. WSU, 4. UFH

B section:1. NMMU, 2. WSU, 3. Rhodes, 4. UFH



Women sevens:1. UFH, 2. WSU, 3. NMMU

Men 1st:  NMMU bt Rhodes 20-0, UFH bt WSU 26-7

Men 2nd:1. NMMU, 2. UFH

Men U21:1. NMMU, 2. WSU


Table tennis

Men:1. NMMU, 2. WSU

Women:1. WSU, 2. NMMU

Tennis:1. NMMU, 2. UFH, 3. WSU



Women:1. NMMU, 2. WSU, 3. UFH, 4. Rhodes

Men:1. WSU, 2. NMMU, 3. UFH, 4. Rhodes



1. NMMU 295, 2. WSU 219, 3. UFH 166, 4. Rhodes 162

Image: CAPTION: Madibaz director of sport Yoliswa Lumka receives the intervarsity trophy from NMMU deputy vice chancellor: research and engagement Professor Andrew Leitch. Photo: Supplied