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NMMU SRC announces end to #FeesMustFall shutdown

NMMU SRC announces end to #FeesMustFall shutdown

On Friday, the Nelson Mandela Municipal University (NMMU) Student Representative Council (SRC), represented by its President & Secretary General, held a meeting with NMMU management were it was agreed to end the shutdown.

“We came into this meeting with a clear mandate which we have been given by students, to ensure that the university commits to ensuring that no student will be financially excluded from the university,” said the NMMU SRC, in a brief statement on its Facebook page.

“Furthermore, all financially needy and academically deserving students must be allowed to register without paying. University should seek funding to assist these students.”

The meeting agreed on:

  1. Debt relief for ZERO EFC and ‘missing middle’ students to continue for academically deserving students.
  2. The University to communicate with the relevant stakeholders on the opening of the University.

“We will then continue consulting with the Dean of Teaching and learning as well Academic Administration to finalise the academic calendar adjustments required,” the SRC said.

A statement is expected to be released by the University on behalf of its management by the end of Friday. Management has also been tasked to relay the message to all relevant stakeholders.

“We thus advise the student body to look forward to getting back to class and all those who have gone home to come back and prepare for the imminent resumption of the academic year as the repercussions of not resuming are catastrophic and will directly affect the poor.”

The news comes when the Concerned Association of Parents and others for Tertiary Education at Universities (CAPTU), an association of disgruntled parents, who recently took the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) to court to force it to end its shutdown of campuses and resume the 2016 academic year, said that they were going back to court after failing to reach an understanding with the university.