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No funds available for Metro Police in NMB 2014/15 budget

Sep 11, 2014
No funds available for Metro Police in NMB 2014/15 budget

There are no funds available for the Metro Police Force in the 2014/15 Budget, according to Chief Operating Officer Mzwake Clay.

Clay reveals this in response to a question from Angelo Dashwood (DA) contained in the Budget and Treasury Committee Agenda for next week.

Dashwood had pointed out that Council at its meeting on May 29 this year approved a budget of R15.9 million for the Metro Police but that only 60 councillors had voted in favour when a simple majority of 61 of the 120 councillors was required. He asked how Council planned “to rectify and legalise this”.

In his response, Clay says that after the Council meeting, the Budget and Treasury Directorate had approach National Treasury for an opinion on the way in which the problem could be resolved.

The COO says that “consensus was reached that the Council had already approved the 2014/15 Budget, before considering the item on the Metro Police, and therefore the Metro Police item does not form part of the 2014/15 Budget”.

Clay says that as a result “no expense can therefore be incurred as no budget exists for the additional costs, unless the Safety and Security Directorate can identify savings in their existing approved operating budget to finance the expenditure”.

The COO says that the matter will be dealt with again when the 2014/15 Adjustments Budget is considered in February next year. - metrominutes


IMAGE sourced from www.sa-transport.co.za