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'No more theft of municipal electricity and water' Trollip warns residents

By Afikile Lugunya - Jul 31, 2018
'No more theft of municipal electricity and water' Trollip warns residents

“We are not going to allow people who can afford to pay for electricity and water to use municipality services for free,” Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, warned on Monday.

The Mayor once made a promise to ensure that the Metro collects 94% of its revenue from local residents and businesses. Trollip said that the city has partnered with a company that will help the city to ensure that this is achieved.

“That company has come up with some interesting information about homes that use almost little of no electricity and homes that use little or no water but they are washing and showering and that is a beauty about going a proper investigation to improve revenue collection because there are a lot of residents in this city that are using free services,” the Mayor said.

“We have a Geographic Information System (GIS) that you can push a button and it will show you high-use households and low-use households and no-use households."

Consequently, a revenue protection team has been established.

“We have achieved a very significant collection because the revenue collection last year, which was budgeted for this year was 94%.

“There has been much resistance because of the high water tariff, so we have seen the collection rate has come off a bit,” Trollip described.

He described how they will go around to ensure that every household pays what it owes the municipality.

“We will go on a campaign to knock on doors and say you have bought 8units of electricity this last month yet there are six people living in this house how do you do it? And when we do that, we also have officials with us to check whether the electricity metre is bypassed and its going to cause a lot of unhappiness," the Mayor said.

“A target of 94% against the information that I have been given through our investigations and through the AUH its going to be easy to collect once we have identified the people who are stealing services from this Metro."