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No need for panic as traffic department sorts out driving licence card delays

By Afikile Lugunya - Dec 13, 2018
No need for panic as traffic department sorts out driving licence card delays

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality director for Traffic and Licensing department, Warren Prins, has asked local drivers to be patient as they are doing everything they can to get their driver’s licenses issued.

According to him, thousands of drivers nationwide have been affected by a protracted strike at the Department of Transport and Driving Licence Card Account (DLCA) that has created a huge backlog in the system.

Prins told RNEWS that the Nelson Mandela Bay traffic department works as a service provider for the Eastern Cape Department of Transport and has not been spared from the effects of the strike.

Many drivers have been panicking that they might end up with fines if they are caught by traffic officials driving around with expired driver’s licenses.

Prins, however, said that if a driver applied for the renewal of their driver’s licence before it expired, they can still drive with a receipt that shows they indeed applied for renewal for another three months.

He added that the traffic department can also issue temporary licences that will grant the driver another three months.

"One of the challenges is that there is a transaction in the system that can be activated for this, but we are waiting on the Province to give us permission to access that where free temporary licences can be granted for a person, who already applied and whose licence has already expired,” Prins described.

"The DLCA is currently busy working on the program and some of the cards have been printed, but the biggest challenge is the period between April and July – there is a backlog of people that applied in that period."

Drivers with expired driving licences need not panic

"We know the current circumstances and we try not to issue fines and so on because we know it’s beyond the driver’s control,” Prins said.

"The challenge is countrywide - not only in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, and what we have done is we have created a list of people, who are outstanding on the DLCA system, so that they can prioritize those ones and send their cards to us."

He added: "If the residents have been stopped and they have an expired driving licence, they must show their receipt although it has expired.

“Our officers will be lenient because of that and they won't be getting a fine."

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