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No taxi's on Wednesday due to SANTACO Eastern Cape strike

Sep 18, 2018
No taxi's on Wednesday due to SANTACO Eastern Cape strike

The Eastern Cape Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison on Tuesday advised commuters to make alternative transport arrangements for Wednesday following reports of an imminent strike by the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACOacross the province.

According to Department of Transport Spokesperson, Unathi Binqose, the reported strike by SANTACO is undesirable and is likely to have a negative impact on both government and the private sector.

"It is important to note that the department has on numerous occasions sat down with the leadership of SANTACO to discuss the challenge of constant fuel hikes with respect to Scholar Transport operators," she said.

"We recognise that the cry as a legitimate one, however due to budgetary constraints, our hands are tied.

"The allegations of arrogance and not taking the taxi industry seriously, levelled against Transport, Safety and Liaison MEC Weziwe Tikana, are unfortunate and very unfair."

Binqose insists that MEC Tikana is one of the most humble, fair and yet very firm people around.

"She has on numerous occasion held robust, frank and yet cordial engagements with leaders in the taxi industry and she also acknowledges the role played by the taxi industry in keeping the weeks of production and service delivery moving in the province."

SANTACO has apparently circulated the letter below advising people of the taxi strike.