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No water for thousands of preschools within rural and poor South Africa

By Supplied - Mar 17, 2016
No water for thousands of preschools within rural and poor South Africa

South Africa is in the grip of the worst drought in at least two decades, and the issue of water is front and centre with National Water Week that commenced on 16 March.

With far-reaching consequences as highlighted by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan in his recent budget speech, the drought is likely to cause, amongst other things, an increase in the cost of living, as food prices are pushed up due to our threatened agriculture output.

As many of us participate in initiatives aimed at providing relief to those most affected by the current drought, a different water related reality is affecting countless individuals.

Literally thousands of little children and their caregivers go entirely without basic running water on a daily basis. And while many of us are only now becoming aware of the cost of water scarcity, this has always been their daily reality.

A general lack of basic water, sanitation and electricity services cause most preschools in rural and disadvantaged communities to have limited, or no water on their premises.

Brenda Scheepers, owner and founder of Angel Projects, hopes to connect donors with schools without water, in an effort to improve the environment within which the poorest and most vulnerable receive their formative care and education.

“The little ones within the communities we work to uplift, deserve as much of an opportunity to a conducive and sanitary learning environment as every other child in South Africa. Without basic running water this becomes incredibly difficult,” says Scheepers.

It is Angel Projects’ hope to connect Corporates with a heart for change with these schools, to bring them a service we have taken for granted for so long.

“The drought has brought the issue of water to the fore and we know so many people within Corporate Companies who would love to make a difference but don’t know how. At Angel Projects we are able to find non-government supported schools, clinics or old-age homes in the vicinity of the donor, and arrange all aspects of a water donation or other project aimed at upliftment, and in the process the client will enjoy certain benefits related to their B-BBEE scorecard.”

Scheepers believes that while the drought may have dire consequences for our country, it is an opportunity not to be missed in working together, to give all South Africans an equal chance to a positive future.

“The logistics of having a ‘Jo-Jo’ tank installed at a rural school could be quite daunting. With many years of experience and an established network of staff and suppliers we are able to be the bridge between a client’s good intentions and making a real difference. Can you imagine a school where the closest running water is five blocks down the road? We would love to give the less fortunate the basic ability to wash their hands before a meal,” concludes Scheepers.

Should you wish to actively participate in the upliftment of the rural community within your region and score points towards your B-BBEE scorecard, contact Brenda Scheepers on 084 842 6671. www.angelprojects.co.za