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Northern Areas ablaze: Journalists, police pelted with stones in Stanford Road

JULY 28, 2015
Northern Areas ablaze: Journalists, police pelted with stones in Stanford Road

Rocks were hurled at a News24 reporter in Standford Road in the Northern areas of Port Elizabeth. Police vans patrolled a section of the road, and every time they drove past homes overlooking the road, children pelted the vehicles.

As this reporter was filming one such incident, the children turned their attention to him.

"Wat doen die man? Hy moet f*%#f [What is that man doing? He must f*$%k off]," one yelled before throwing a stone in his direction.

Some children placed burning branches and rubbish across the road and at each pass the van made, police from inside fired rubber bullets to disperse the kids.

Some shots were also fired at the overlooking homes.

Police blocked off the road a little further down and were preventing motorists from driving closer to the homes.

"If you go past they will throw rocks at you," an officer told a man in a bakkie.

Other journalists hung back near the police and took pictures from afar.

"There are gangsters in between those people. They will rob you, you must not walk there," another officer told News24.

The department of education was expected to brief journalists at 12:30.

On Monday police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the protesters after violence broke out.

Residents were protesting against the lack of teachers in schools in the Northern areas.

A Daily Sun journalist was hit over the head and robbed during the violence.