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'Northern Areas, KwanoBuhle and Uitenhage lose millions in adjustments budget'

Feb 27, 2019
'Northern Areas, KwanoBuhle and Uitenhage lose millions in adjustments budget'

Ahead of what promises to be another dramatic Council Meeting on Thursday, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has accused the African National Congress (ANC) -  Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) - United Democratic Movement (UDM) coalition in Nelson Mandela Bay of forgetting the people of the Northern Areas, Uitenhage and KwaNobuhle by redirecting more than R100 million away from these areas in the 2018/19 adjustments budget.

"More than R50 million, budgeted for 11 Wards in the Northern Areas, will now be directed to other wards and projects," said Retief Odendaal, DA Nelson Mandela Bay Caucus Chairperson..

"Whilst the people of the Northern Areas live in squalor and have daily issues with failing infrastructure, non-existent service delivery and rampant crime, money meant for the betterment of these resident lives, will be spent elsewhere.

"Furthermore, more than R21 million has disappeared from the combined 2018/19 budgets of wards in Uitenhage and KwaNobuhle. The coalition of corruption removed R71 million from these combined budgets and replaced it with R50 million."

Last week, the DA accused Bobani's administration of misusing millions of Rands of taxpayers' monies on meals and flights.

'Millions meant for residents of Northern Areas, Uitenhage and KwaNobuhle redirected'

Odendaal further said that this, however, does not paint "the full dark picture" for the residents of Uitenhage and KwaNobuhle, "as R41 million of the R50 million that was replaced, will be spent on one IPTS project".

"This entails that a total of R62 million in service delivery related budget was cut from these ward based budgets.

"The budget for critical service delivery areas such as tarring of gravel roads, electrification of informal settlements and other important civil works have been slashed from these ward based budgets in order to unfairly discriminate against communities," he described.

"The financial incapability of the Bobani administration is compounded by the fact that the Metro, as of 25 February 2019, has only spent 34,56%, or R601 million of its R1,74 billion capital budget, for the 2018/19 financial year."

Odendaal said that the previous DA-led coalition government "showed what was possible to achieve in two short years in government and we remain resolute that only a DA government can fight corruption, create fair access to jobs and speed up basic service delivery in Nelson Mandela Bay".

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