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Northern Areas Rugby Tournament launched

JANUARY 26, 2015
Northern Areas Rugby Tournament launched

Eastern Province Rugby‘s Port Elizabeth Sub-Union has launched a new rugby tournament for clubs in and around the Northern Areas as a response to the current wave of violent gang activity that is sweeping through the area.

The tournament, which will be known as the Super 14, will see 14 rugby clubs play against each other in a single round, starting this weekend at the Adcock Stadium and concluding at the end of March.

“We chose the Northern Areas deliberately to showcase the brilliant sporting talent that comes from this area, despite all the violence that has featured so prominently in the media recently,” said PE Sub Union Chairman, Stag Mitchell.

“We believe that sport can bring communities together and, through this tournament, we are extending a hand to the Northern Areas community to show them that there are other options to youngsters, other than this violence,” he said. “At the same time we are also showing the rest of Port Elizabeth that there is more to the Northern Areas than gangs and violence.”

Mitchell said the tournament would kick off with a family day of rugby at the Adcock Stadium, with the first match between Booysens Pride and Young Collegians kicking off at 1pm.

“This tournament is also a tribute to the players who have come before and who have gone on to make a success from their rugby careers, the likes of Desmond Booysen from Arcadia, the best wing to ever don the SARU jersey, Desmond Kramer from Gelvandale, who became the ultimate Springbok warrior and SARU powerhouse, Peter Slabbert, EP and SARU captain from Windvogel Rugby Club and Harold Wilson, former president of both EP and SARU and honorary vice president of EP, from the Shauderville community,” he said.

Mitchell said the tournament was geared at renewing the passion for rugby in the area.

“This tournament will showcase the clubs from these communities and hopefully act as a catalyst to guide our sons back to sport and away from other influences, we therefore appeal to the community to come out in support of this tournament and enjoy the rugby with our players.”

The clubs participating in the competition are:

Group A: African Bombers, St Marks, Suburban, Gelvan Wallabies, Missionvale, Kwaru, Glen Roses

Group B: PE Harlequins, Parks, Booysen Pride, Young Collegians, Motherwell, Zwide and Helenvale

The fixtures:

31 January14h00Bombers vs KwaruMISSIONVALE
 15h30Suburban vs Gelvan 
 17h00Windvogel vs Missionvale 
  Glen Roses- bye 
31 January14h00Harlequins vs ZwideWOLFSON STADIUM
 15h30Parks vs Motherwell 
 17h00St Marks vs Young Collegians 
  Helenvale/ Prides- Bye 
7 February14h00Glen Roses vs MissionvaleMAROCK
 15h30Bombers vs Gelvan 
 17h00Windvogel vs Suburban 
7 February14h00Helenvale/Prides vs MotherwellADCOCK
 15h30Harlequins vs Young Collegians 
 17h00Parks vs St Marks 
  Zwide- Bye 
14 February14h00Kwaru vs GelvanWOLFSON STADIUM
 15h30Glen Roses vs Suburban 
 17h00Bombers vs Windvogel 
  Missionvale- Bye 
14 February14h00Zwide vs Young CollegiansADCOCK
 15h30Helenvale/Prides vs St Marks 
 17h00Harlequins vs Parks 
  Motherwell- bye 
21 February14h00Kwaru vs WindvogelKLEINSKOOL
 15h30Glen Roses vs Bombers 
 17h00Missionvale vs Suburban 
  Gelvan – Bye 
21 February14h00Helenvale/Prides vs HarlequinsWOLFSON STADIUM
 15h30Motherwell vs St Marks Zwide vs Parks 
 17h00Zwide vs Parks 
  Young Collegians- Bye 
28 February14h00Gelvan vs WindvogelWOLFSON STADIUM
 15h30Missionvale vs Bombers 
 17h00Kwaru vs Glen 
  Suburban- Bye 
28 February14h00Zwide vs Helenvale/ PridesLONDT PARK
 15h30Motherwell vs Harlequins 
 17h00Young Collegains vs Parks 
  St Marks- Bye 
7 March14h00Suburbas vs BombersADDCOCK
 15h30Gelvan vs Glen 
 17h00St Marks vs Harlequins 
  Windvogel- Bye 
7 March14h00Missionvale vs KwaruWOLFSON STADIUM
 15h30Young Collegains vs Helenvale/Prides 
 17h00Motherwell vs Zwide 
14 March14h00Suburban vs KwaruADCOCK
 15h30Missionvale vs Gelvan 
 17h00Windvogel vs Glen Roses 
  Bombers- Bye 
14 March14h00Parks vs Helenvale/PridesWOLFSON STADIUM
 15h30St Marks vs Zwide 
 17h00Young Collegians vs Motherwell 
  Harlequins- Bye 
21 March15h00A 1 vs B 2ADCOCK
 16h30B 1 vs A 2