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Northern Cape police swiftly recover hijacked car among other successes

Feb 27, 2018
Northern Cape police swiftly recover hijacked car among other successes

Swift response by Kimberley police led to the recovery of a vehicle, which was reported hijacked in the early hours of Sunday.

"The police received a report of a hijacked vehicle on the corner of Alfred and Karl Street in Kimberley," said police spokesperson, Brigadier M Ramatseba.

"It is alleged that the driver of the hijacked vehicle was accosted at knife point and the suspects drove away and dumped him near Galeshewe. In the process he was robbed of his belongings, which includes wallet and cellular phone."

The hijacked vehicle was found abandoned in 15th Avenue, Homevale Extension, shortly after being reported hijacked.

He said that a 24-year old has been arrested subsequent to being identified by the owner of the hijacked vehicle, while his accomplices fled on foot when they realised the police were on their tracks.

In unrelated incident, Douglas police arrested three men who are suspected to be involved in the spade of theft of motor vehicles in the Douglas area.

"The suspects, aged 30, 37 and 47 years old, were arrested over the weekend, after they were spotted driving up and down in Douglas CBD.

"Their vehicle was pulled over, and upon search and investigation they were found in possession of house breaking implements, car theft implements, balaclavas, hand gloves, remote controls and chemical suspected to be used to poison dogs," said Brigadier Ramatseba.

"The suspects are likely to be linked with spade of unresolved cases of theft of motor vehicles in the Northern Cape."

In another incident, Britstown police arrested a 31-year-old subsequent to being found selling ammunition.

"The arrest came after the police followed information regarding a man, who was selling ammunition in the streets of Britstown. The police reacted promptly to the information and the suspect was found in possession of 50 ammunition," said Brigadier Ramatseba.

"The suspect could not provide a license for the firearm calibre of the ammunition found in his possession. The suspect has been charged with illegal possession of ammunition."

The Northern Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Peter Shivuri commended members for bringing crime perpetrators to book.