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Not all gloom with enactment of POPIA fast approaching

By Ashley De Klerk, Managing Director of Metrofile Records Management - Oct 22, 2018
Not all gloom with enactment of POPIA fast approaching

With the implementation date of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) drawing near, it is vital for all South African businesses to take the necessary steps to ensure compliance, but the tailoring of business processes must not be viewed as an inconvenience.

While the enactment of POPIA may place significant demands on the resources of organisations, it may also present several key benefits for the organisation.

It might prove beneficial for businesses to view the adjustment protocols holistically and to avoid looking at POPIA in isolation. Through a holistic POPIA approach, it is very likely that a number of opportunities and benefits across several departments may be uncovered as a result of the compliance process.

Here are some examples of the key benefits that organisations can look forward to with regards to POPIA compliance:

Improved customer relationships:

Customer satisfaction may increase when customers know that their information and interaction with organisations is secure and protected. In achieving and maintaining POPIA compliance, organisations are in a position where they are able to confidently reassure customers.

Organisations should communicate their progress with customers and stakeholders to maintain a good relationship and to inform them of the steps that are being taken to safeguard their personal information.

Improved quality of data:

In an effort to achieve compliance, many organisations will need to sift through and review its databases, in order to ensure that no personal details are included on correspondence to unauthorised parties. These organisations can therefore also update databases to ensure that all its consumer and stakeholder information is correct and relevant.

For those organisations looking to gain a competitive advantage through mass surveys and data-collection, they can now simply partner with a POPIA compliant service provider to ensure that all data is ethically sourced and legally sound.

Improving overall business management:

While an organisation is reviewing the existing systems for information sourcing, processing and storage, there is great potential to spot and correct any inefficient systems.

In conclusion, the enactment of POPIA will no doubt demand significant time and cost from organisations, but a holistic and opportunistic approach might yield great benefits for the organisation, if other processes are streamlined as a result.

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