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Not everyone has the right motivation for wanting to join the SAPS, but would you blame them?

By Afikile Lugunya - Jul 16, 2018
Not everyone has the right motivation for wanting to join the SAPS, but would you blame them?

Several candidates that spoke to RNEWS said that they were tired of sitting at home and waiting for jobs that were not coming, so they eventually decided joining the SAPS is the only available way out of unemployment.

And some have gone to extreme lengths to ensure that they do to miss their only chance for a stable income.

According to Malizole Gusha*, ahead of the tests, they were told that pregnant candidates should not bother writing the tests for obvious reasons.

However, desperate for a job, she devised a plan to conceal her pregnancy so that she is allowed to write her psychometric test.

Gusha told RNEWS that she was near term and is confident that that "by the time the training commences, my baby will be old [enough to be left at home] I suppose, because we are given a month to get our results”.

She said that pregnant candidates were asked to leave the premises where the test was happening, but she stayed put as nobody knew she is pregnant.

“There was no way that I'd leave after coming from the rural areas to write this test and then leave without doing so, there was no way."

RNEWS also spoke to Simlindile Bokwe*, a 25-year-old candidate, who said that young people were struggling to get jobs.

"I don't want to be a police officer, but I need a job. I'm tired of staying at home and not doing anything, not earning an income; so no matter how small [the police officer salary may be, I feel], it will make a huge impact in my life right now," he described.

"Jobs are scarce in South Africa. It doesn't matter if you have a university degree - if you don't have connections then forget it.” 

According to the SAPS, the minimum requirements for joining the SAPS including being prepared to take the oath of office, one can only imagine if Gusha, Bokwe and many other candidates in their situation will remain faithful to their oaths if they manage join the ranks of the SAPS.

For many of them, the SAPS is now their only hope to a reliable job - would you blame them for wanting to get out of poverty and for not deciding to become street criminals?

*Not real name.