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Not just for athletes: Julian Fletcher Sports Therapy makes professional sports therapy accessible to everyone

Not just for athletes: Julian Fletcher Sports Therapy makes professional sports therapy accessible to everyone

Everyone is under more pressure nowadays - at work and in business, and even at home, life is just becoming increasingly stressful. The result, many people are now getting unexplained physical problems such as headaches, muscle pain and even mental depression.

Not wanting to be a statistic, I have been attending professional therapy sessions at Julian Fletcher Sports Therapy – particularly for their trigger point and muscle activation massage that focuses on the root of the problem rather than the symptomatic pain.

I first visited Julian Fletcher Sports Therapy, situated at 166 Fordyce Road, in Walmer, for help with a shoulder injury sustained during a sporting competition. After seeing amazing results from that one-hour treatment session, I have since been visiting them whenever I need to recuperate from injuries.

Recently, though, I paid them a visit for muscle tension relief. I was surprised at the amount of strain my body had built up from daily routines such as work and study. Due to the nature of my work, I usually spend the whole day sitting at a desk – which I now know can cause severe shoulder and back pain.

As always, when I arrived at Julian Fletcher Sports Therapy, I was warmly welcomed by my therapist, Marbi, who promptly took me to the massage room. She enquired about my pain and after giving her a quick rundown, I was left to get ready for my treatment.

A short while later, we began. Marbi started with a relaxing massage on my back before moving onto easing tension in my trigger and neuro lymphatic reflex points. Trigger points are the tight points that form in the muscle - causing pain and discomfort, while neuro-lymphatic reflex points are areas on the body that affect specific muscles and organs.

 Muscle movement is also used, allowing a deeper massage without pushing hard and invading the muscle. What I found very interesting is that sometimes the pain experienced in one area of the body is just a symptom of a problem in another area. This was explained on a chart that I received after the treatment.

Needless to say, I left Julian Fletcher Sports Therapy feeling like a heavy burden had been lifted off my shoulders. Whether you are an athlete, a business executive or stay-at-home mom, you should not be living with muscle pain.

Try trigger point and muscle activation at Julian Fletcher Sports Therapy today by calling 079 527 2617. Also find them on Facebook.