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Not just for girls: Unleash your inner metro man style at the Whiskey & Honey

By Charl Bosch - Apr 9, 2015
Not just for girls: Unleash your inner metro man style at the Whiskey & Honey

It is probably the one thing no man would want to be caught dead doing; having a facial at a salon. After all, there can be nothing manly or remotely enjoyable about such an experience, right?

Having always scoffed at the idea of going for such a treatment, and not being someone who would consider himself much of a metro man, I could only cover my apprehension and crack a nervous smile when greeted by Shelley Wood, owner and stylist at the Whiskey & Honey Salon, which is located at the Bridge Street complex in Brickmakerskloof, Port Elizabeth.

After a short wait, I met up with beautician Hayley Gow, who showed me towards the treatment room where I was to change from buff to suave.

With soft music playing in the background, I made myself comfortable on the treatment bed before Hayley arrived to commence phase one. She started by gently placing a warm towel on my face and then applying a cleanser to remove any excise oil and impurities.

About 10 minutes later, she applied another towel before rubbing on the treatment cream, which had been specially selected for men, and came with a strong mint scent. Having coated my face, she then proceeded to massage it into my neck and shoulders followed by my hands and feet.

With eyes closed, any thoughts spinning in my head disappeared as the music, essence of mint and atmosphere tried its best to whisk me off to sleep.

Feeling the most relaxed I had been in a long time, Hayley then applied a special moisturiser to help give my skin a clear glow. A final warm towel later, my ‘ground breaking’ first ever facial sadly ended.

A glance in the mirror left me stunned and completely speechless. I then made my way over to the salon where Shelley further enhanced my newly-found appeal with a stylish yet modern haircut and the removal of my beard with an old-school cutthroat razor.

Both these experiences, the latter being a first and one that I can highly recommend, were done meticulously and professionally without any cuts to my face or bald patches on my head.

My first ever proper grooming experience was one of complete excellence and one any guy should try before judging.

To bring out your stylish and suave side, visit the Whiskey & Honey at 1 Bridge Street, Brickmakers Kloof, in Port Elizabeth, or contact 041 581 8822.