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Now is the time to respond to the Building Plan Amnesty Campaign

Now is the time to respond to the Building Plan Amnesty Campaign

We are three months into the amnesty campaign, aimed at facilitating the legalisation of illegal building works and which offers exemption from the higher alternative tariff.

To date this opportunity offered to owners to regulate illegal building works on their properties has evoked satisfactory response. Land owners that have not yet attempted to address illegal buildings on their properties are herewith encouraged to make use of his opportunity as the amnesty period expires on 31 December 2015.

The amnesty period is subject to the following PRINCIPLES:

A. The owner will still have to pay the standard building plan tariff.

B. Only illegal building work which took place prior to the publication of the amnesty period qualifies.

C. No amnesty is given where further legal action has already been taken and / or where legal costs have been incurred.

D. Any illegal building work which commences during and / or after the amnesty period will not be exempted from paying the alternative higher tariff.

E. Legal action may still be taken against the owner if the illegal building works cannot be considered in terms of the National Building Regulations and / or Zoning Scheme.

DETERMINE whether you need to submit buildings plans during this amnesty period:

  •  Visit the Building Inspectorate on Level 4 of the Civic Centre to view your latest approved building plans or obtain a copy of the approved plans;
  •  Compare the existing structure erected on your URBAN OR FARM property/ies and the use of those structures with the approved structures shown on the approved building plan;
  •  Any deviation from the approved plan constitutes a contravention of the National Building Regulations and you need to submit a revised building plan for approval.

For more information in this regard contact our Building Inspectorate at 044-801 9166; or visit our website at