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NPA Senior Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions retires

By Afikile Lugunya - Jul 28, 2018
NPA Senior Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions retires

The National Public Authority (NPA) Senior Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Mxolisi Vabaza finally stepped down at 60-years-old on Friday after many postponements towards his retirement.

Vabaza had served at the NPA for over 18-years.

At his farewell party, which was held at Isango Gate, on Friday, his colleagues described him as a very loving person, who’d bring laughter and meat for everyone to enjoy in the office and he’d be dearly missed.

Vabaza started his career as an attorney after completing his articles in Mthatha after graduating from the University of Fort Hare.

He specialised in civil cases during apartheid’s “the dark days” he said.

“When we worked back then, defending people, who had been arrested. It was not easy because the police were very brutal and the law was different from what it is today,” Vabaza described.

“We dealt with a lot of cases because there were lots of arrests, which include public violence and lots of human rights abuse.”

He later joined the Specialised Organised Crime within the NPA after the advent of democracy.

Although he is retiring from the NPA, Vabaza plans to explore new ventures instead of resting at home.

“Today it’s a final day, I have mixed feelings because I worked for the NPA for 18-years, and the retirement age is at 60. I just felt that I must secure new ventures and look at what the future has in store for me,” he said.

“I enjoyed working for the NPA, I had very kind relationships with the colleagues, but as I leave, I hope for stability because NPA working conditions are looking good.”

Mkhuseli Jack, a struggle veteran, who also happens to be Vabaza’s old friend from when he was still at university, said “When he became a lawyer, he was famous for always taking our cases during the struggle.

“What I learnt from him is that people must always be humble, honest, and work hard because at the end of it all, you will rest well knowing that you have done a good job,” Jack described.