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NPA takes sterner stance on illegal initiation schools

NPA takes sterner stance on illegal initiation schools

The National Prosecution Authority (NPA) announced on Tuesday that, this time, it will deal harshly with those behind illegal initiation schools that mushroom across South Africa during the winter and summer initiation seasons.

The announcement comes after it was revealed by the Ministry of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) that there has been an estimated 1 000 penile amputations after botched circumcisions at mostly illegal initiation schools in the country in the last ten years.

According to CoGTA, the Eastern Cape recorded the highest number of deaths related to initiations, in 2015 – around 43 of the 101 initiation deaths recorded around the country.

NPA Spokesperson, Nathi Mncube, told the media that those, who do not abide by this law will face criminal charges in line with the recently amended Children’s Act.

The department and its stakeholders have an initiation hotline, where people who witness wrong doings in the initiation schools will be able to contact them and report the incident,” said Mncube.

Several meetings were held by government officials with local communities in an effort to reduce the number of deaths this season.

Parents have been urged by the department to take precautionary measures in making sure that their children only go to registered initiation schools.