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NSRI issues Spring Tide Alert for Christmas weekend

Dec 20, 2018
NSRI issues Spring Tide Alert for Christmas weekend

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) has warned the public to take caution around the coast as the full moon spring tide effect has now started taking effect leading towards the Full Moon peak at 15h00 on Saturday, 22 December.

"This spring tide alert applies from today to 26 December when the full moon spring tide will bring a higher than normal high tide and a lower than normal low tide," said NSRI spokesperson, Craig Lambinon.

He explained that Spring Tide brings a higher than normal high tide and a lower than normal low tide.

"Anglers fishing along the coastline, bathers, beach walkers and coastal hikers are urged to be cautious. Especially during the afternoons at high tide. The spring high tides which peak every afternoon during this coming week indicates that some beaches will have very little place for beach goers as the high tide rises," Lambinon said. 

"Rock anglers should be aware that places that they have fished from previously during the past week may be submerged at high tide this next week, and those hiking on the coastline should plan that at high tide their proposed route may not be accessible because of the higher than usual tide."

NSRI appeals to parents to look after children during Spring Tide

He said that the NSRI is also appealing to parents to make sure that their children have responsible adult supervision when they are at the beach or in and around any water. 

"Because many people find rip currents hard to identify we are urging the public to only swim at beaches where and when lifeguards are on duty and swim within the safe demarcated swimming zones shown by lifeguards using their red and yellow flags," he described.

"Make sure that you have the National Sea Rescue Emergency number programmed in your phone - or Google Sea Rescue to find the closest emergency number to the area you are visiting.

"Do not go into the water to try and help someone in difficulty but rather throw them something that floats (for example Sea Rescue's Pink Rescue Buoy) and call for help."

Lambinon said that emergency Services are on high alert and wish all water uses a safe festive season.