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NSRI warns of huge sea swells along the coast as cold front approaches

JUNE 5, 2017
NSRI warns of huge sea swells along the coast as cold front approaches

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) on Sunday warned beachgoers and boaters that huge waves are expected around the coast – predominantly along the West Coast, but also the Cape Coast, Southern Cape Coast and Eastern Cape Coast.

According to the NSRI, the huge sea swells, which are estimated to reach up to 10 to 12 meters or more in places, will be caused by a cold front expected during this coming week.

"Officially, the SA Weather Service predict wave heights to reach 9 to 12 meters in places around Wednesday," the NSRI said.

"Gale Force winds are also predicted during this coming week.

"This cold front, bringing heavy, rough sea swells and Gale Force winds will be further affected by the approaching full moon Spring tide which will peak on Friday 09th June at full moon."

Thus the NSRI are urging boaters, paddlers, surfers, shore-line anglers, the fishing community and bathers to be cautious around the coastline in light of these big sea swells expected with the cold front that will also be affected by the full moon Spring tide.

"The full moon Spring tide brings higher than normal high tides, lower than normal low tides and stronger than normal rip currents. Very strong rip currents are expected along with the predicted rough sea conditions," the institute added.

"NSRI urge the public to follow official weather authorities predictions and weather warnings and prepare for the expected conditions predicted and to be cautious around the coastline."