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NSRI warns public around coastal areas and inland waters

Oct 4, 2018
NSRI warns public around coastal areas and inland waters

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) on Thursday appealed to the public to be cautious around the coast and at inland waters during the remainder of the schools Spring break vacation.

Dr Cleeve Robertson, NSRI CEO, said; "We are appealing to parents to make sure that their children have responsible adult supervision around water.

"And we are appealing to school tours and school groups to be cautious when visiting the coast in large groups and to have adequate responsible adult supervision for the children in their care."

He urged the public to swim at beaches that have lifeguards on duty.

"Make sure that you have the local Sea Rescue emergency number in your phone - or google Sea Rescue to find the closest emergency number to the area you are visiting," Dr Robertson described.

"Do not go into the water to try and help someone in difficulty but rather throw them flotation (like Sea Rescue's Pink Rescue Buoy) and call for help.

"Where and when possible Sea Rescue volunteers will patrol beaches where the lifeguarding season has not yet started."

NSRI issues Spring Tide Alert

The NSRI is also urging public caution around the coast as the Spring Tide effect has now started leading towards the peak of the Full Moon Spring Tide on Tuesday, 9th of October.

"This Spring Tide Alert lasts between now and the weekend of the 13th, 14th October," said Dr Robertson.

"The full moon Spring Tide brings a higher than normal high tide, a lower than normal low tide and stronger than normal rip currents.

"Anglers fishing along the coastline, bathers, beach walkers and coastal hikers are urged to be cautious."

He said that rip currents occur constantly at changing locations around the coast daily.

"The main concern we have is that this full moon Spring Tide, that has now started to build in intensity, is going to peak on the day school learners return to their classrooms on the 9th October, hence this weekend, the warm weather, a lot more people visiting the coast, and a growing in intensity Spring Tide, is a reason to urge extreme caution."

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