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NSRI Will Alter Base Building With Grant-In-Aid Funding

Nov 26, 2014
NSRI Will Alter Base Building With Grant-In-Aid Funding

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) plans to spend grant-in-aid funding from the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM) “to alter the rescue base building and slipway,” so that the 10-metres rescue vessel “Spirit of Toft” can be stored out of the water and undercover.

The NMBM's Budget and Treasury Committee will consider the recommendations of a sub-committee on grants-in-aid on Friday afternoon.

The recommendations will thereafter be submitted to Council.

Another application to be considered is from the Zwartkops Conservancy that has requested financial support to pay for litter collection, expenses for recycling workshops, for an expanded environmental education programme for schools, and a ranger for the nature reserves.

The committee will also consider a request from the Wildlife Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA).

WESSA has applied for funding to support the Enviro Club establishment and promotion of activities in Eco-Schools and for the establishment of permaculture gardens.

It is also seeking funding for the development of relevant learning materials relating to environmental education and costs associated with clean-up campaigns in Marine and Arbor weeks.

In terms of the metro’s Grants-in-Aid Policy, approximate guidelines have been set for the allocation to the various categories of applicants.

A total of 20% of the available funding is allocated to sporting bodies as well as welfare organisations and local economic development.

Educational institutions are eligible collectively for 15% of the total funding along with arts and culture with those falling into the “other” category, which includes the NSRI and WESSA, for example, receiving 10%.

Types of assistance that will not be considered includes the payment of salaries or any form of remuneration. -MetroMinutes