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Nurse hosts high tea to help those living with diabetes

Nurse hosts high tea to help those living with diabetes

Diabetic nurse and educator, Sister Elmari Greeff, will be hosting a high tea at the East London Golf Club on the 7th of November, in order to provide the necessary support to mothers whose children live with diabetes.

Greeff decided to host this high tea event, to help women raise their diabetic children with a strong support system. She also wants to make sure that they receive the proper information on how to manage the disease.

“I have been trying to arrange the event for the past three years, but it all came together thanks to the sponsors this year,” Greeff said.

“We want to help mothers live victoriously with their family member who has diabetes. Often moms need a support structure which can help them to gain confidence and perspective through verbalizing their thoughts,” she added.

Greeff, who has many years of experience working with diabetic children, is grateful to all the sponsors involved in the high tea; this includes the East London Golf Club, Lily Diabetes, private sponsors of the venue, catering and spot prizes.

If you would like to be a part of this event, contact Elmari Greeff on 081 437 7220 or you can email her on [email protected]