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Officials given '14 days to work on an intervention plan for Colchester'

APRIL 20, 2016
Officials given '14 days to work on an intervention plan for Colchester'

The Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, Dr Danny Jordaan, did not mince his words in reading the riot act to municipal officials regarding what he termed a delay in attending to the service delivery challenges of the people of Colchester on Monday night.

The Executive Mayor was addressing a packed Colchester Community Hall during one of his Mayoral Imbizo meetings that have been held across the City. These Imbizos were expressly arranged by the Executive Mayor and his Mayoral Committee to give the residents of the City an opportunity to interact directly with the political leadership and senior municipal management about issues of service delivery.

The Imbizos have also afforded the political leadership and senior management a platform to directly present their short, medium and long term plans to local communities and given community members an opportunity to interact with presentations and give criticism and suggestions on the best options or plans that can be implemented to speed up service delivery.

“I have met the leadership of Colchester and they have raised a number of critical service delivery issues. Today we are here to present our plans. But as the Executive Mayor, I think you have suffered enough. From today, I am giving the officials 14 days to work on an intervention plan for Colchester.

"We need to intervene here as a matter of urgency. Consultations with other spheres of government will continue so that we can introduce integrated service delivery intervention in this area. As the political leadership, we can no longer allow a situation that officials always come to Colchester to make promises. You have made it clear that you want action – and that is what we will deliver,” said the Executive Mayor Jordaan.

The residents raised issues ranging from land availability, houses and housing rectification. Some of the residents, predominantly the youth, raised challenges around employment, sporting facilities, crime and drug abuse.

The Executive Mayor undertook to approach the South African Police services regarding the introduction of crime prevention campaigns in the area.

After 14 days, the Executive Mayor, Mayoral Committee and municipal senior management will return to the Colchester Community Hall to present an intervention plan, with timeframes, on the service delivery issues raised by the Colchester leadership and the community at large.