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OLD FACE OFF… new beautiful and smoother face on at IDD Skin Sense

OLD FACE OFF… new beautiful and smoother face on at IDD Skin Sense

Previously, whenever I would hear someone talking about facials, my heart would just sink. This was because my very first few facials had not been a pleasant experience. Besides having to endure painful extractions and other endless skincare routines, I would be left red in the face, literally, and without hope of ever achieving smooth, glowing skin.

Fortunately, at the beginning of this year, a friend recommended that I try IDD Skin Sense Beauty Salon, which I did and can report that my skin has rapidly improved and I am now a fan of facials.

Upon my arrival, I was warmly welcomed by Ingrid Davey, the owner and skin therapist for 24 years. While the place may look like just another beauty shop, it is actually much cooler inside and Ingrid’s treatment room has all sorts of skin-perfecting technology.

I was to undergo a DF Sonophoresis / Iontophoresis facial which is essentially a two-part specialised treatment that is done with the DF Machine and the Environ products that she also sells. This treatment can assist you to get rid of pigmentation marks, scarring, sun-damaged skins, fine lines and wrinkles - and is also great for people who want to get their acne under control before their matric dance, with incredible results as was shown in the before and after photos on her wall.

Starting with the Sonophoresis, Ingrid wiped away all the impurities from my face before she used a steam-blower to open up my skin pores. She then applied an Environ facial gel which she gently spread with the DF machine.

With my skin already feeling different, Ingrid moved onto the Iontophoresis treatment. An intensive serum - carefully selected for my skin type, was applied all over my face and covered by a wet ‘Haize’ gauze to assist in conducting the current. A conductive gel was also applied over the gauze before crocodile clips were attached to it – an Alginate Masque can be used if the client is not claustrophobic. This helps to cool and hydrate the skin while normalising your pH.

The treatment then started. It was painless, non-intrusive and I enjoyed a facial for the first time!

Later, I observed that my skin was smoother, clean, moisturised and glowing – no wonder why Ingrid has had clients like Alice Krige at her shop. If you or your teens are suffering from the embarrassment of acnes, uneven skin-tone and such skin conditions, I highly recommend that you visit IDD Skin Sense today. Visit 308 Walmer Boulevardin Walmer, Port Elizabeth or call 041 581 3135.