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OLD RED WINDMILL CONTINUES: Now-called Gio Caffé but still offering great beachfront dining

OLD RED WINDMILL CONTINUES: Now-called Gio Caffé but still offering great beachfront dining

Anyone who is pretty familiar with Port Elizabeth’s old beachfront hangouts will remember the Red Windmill – one of the original beachfront roadhouses. Today, its legacy continues as the Gio Caffe which is no longer a roadie anymore but still offers sun, endless fun and good food, 365 days a year!

After a recent Saturday afternoon outing with my two sons on the Shark Rock Pier, we were left famished. Looking back from the pier, I remembered the good old Red Windmill from my childhood. We promptly made our way there.

As we approached this iconic landmark, I realised that there had been a few changes since my last visit. The shabby curio shack that once stood in front of the take-away was now gone and we noticed that the restaurant’s name had also changed.

Gio Caffé now stands in place of the old Red Windmill with a lighter and more stylish interior and seating section.

Upon entering, I recognised Venoo Pillay, the manager in this new restaurant and chatted to him about the changes while my boys found a table and ordered milkshakes.

Venoo explained that while a few aesthetic upgrades had been made to the restaurant which now brings it in line with the other restaurants in the Centre, the spirit of the old Red Windmill was as strong as ever.

While Gio Caffé’s appetising menu retained favourites from the original Red Windmill menu, including its famous hamburgers, it now offers a few contemporary options and of course an obligatory R20 breakfast! On offer is also a wide variety of Gelato ice-cream and good old fashioned soft-serves too.

The reason for the outside kiosk being removed was that Gio Caffe has acquired this space to offer an undercover 80-seater area with uninhibited views of the sea. This platform will shortly be available for functions and children’s parties!

While the boys decided to share a Red Windmill chicken burger which came with a generous portion of chips, I ordered a classic cheese burger with chips, accompanied by a chocolate, peanut butter and banana smoothie.

Offering great value for money, my generous burger and smoothie were very delicious! My boys also gave the thumbs up for their meal.

With great menu choices and delectable specials to choose from, Gio Caffé is highly recommended for students, families and anyone looking for a quick tasty meal on the beachfront.

Call Gio Caffé on 041 583 1676 or visit www.giocaffe.co.za today.