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Omotoso trial: 'Cops would take off their SAPS jackets for Omotoso to walk on' Zondi

By Afikile Lugunya - Oct 17, 2018
Omotoso trial: 'Cops would take off their SAPS jackets for Omotoso to walk on' Zondi

The Defence in the trial of controversial Nigerian televangelist and Senior Pastor of the Jesus Dominion International church, Timothy 'Tim' Omotoso, and his co-accused, Lusanda Solani and Zukiswa Sitho, on Wednesday continued with its cross-examination of the first State witness, Cheryl Zondi, attempting to rip her testimony apart.

Asked why she did not approach the South African Police Service (SAPS) after she had alleged been sexually abused by Omotoso at his Umhlanga home in Durban, Zondi said that she could not trust the police.

Zondi claimed that she had seen several police officers, who are members of Omotoso's  Jesus Dominion International church taking off their official SAPS jackets and laying them down on the ground for Omotoso to step on.

'Police officers were Omotoso's observers'

According to Zondi, Omotoso encouraged the police officers, who were part of his congregation, to wear their police uniforms in church.

"While I was in Durban, there were police officers, who were his observers," she told the court.

"They would take off their police jackets for Omotoso to walk on and he encouraged them to wear them in church."

"How could I go to the police then. I couldn't trust the police?"

At the beginning of the Omotoso trial, two women, who later turned out to be off-duty police officers, were thrown out of the Port Elizabeth High Court after claiming to be Omotoso's security detail.

Trial continues...

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