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Omotoso trial: EFF members wish Omotoso supporters could be hit by a bus

By Afikile Lugunya - Oct 16, 2018
Omotoso trial: EFF members wish Omotoso supporters could be hit by a bus

State witness, 22 year old, Cheryl Zondi, who is being cross-examined by the Defence in the trial of controversial Nigerian televangelist and Senior Pastor of the Jesus Dominion International church, Timothy 'Tim' Omotoso, and his co-accused, Lusanda Solani and Zukiswa Sitho, on Tuesday got a surprise visit from her father, Mxolisi Zondi.

Mr Zondi surprised everyone in court when he entered in court. 

Zondi looked shocked, but smiled and seemed happy that her father had arrived.

Hugs were shared and she looked at ease.

Also for the first time since the trial started a week ago, the Chairperson of the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission), Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva, also came to offer her support in court.

'Wish Jesus Dominion International members could be hit by a bus'

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) supporters, who gathered outside the Port Elizabeth High Court, said that they hope that all Omotoso supporters could get run over by a bus or a truck.

The EFF members said that they had come to support Zondi as she bravely exposed Omotoso.

From the beginning of the Omotoso trial, the road across the PE High Court has been occupied by the Jesus Dominion International church members who say that Omotoso is innocent.

Boniwe Lanke, EFF regional organiser, who is a mother of two children said: "I see reactions of the women outside, who are supporting Omotoso. It's like they are people who've never endured the pain of giving birth."

She advised Cheryl to continue to be strong.

"We are fully supporting you and we understand that it's not easy to re-live what occurred to you."

To women, she advised them to stand strong against abuse and come out to support Cheryl.

"To those, who still believe that Omotoso is innocent, I wish a bus would come hit all of them - especially the women!"

DAWN commends Cheryl for her bravery

On Monday, the DA Women’s Network Leader (DAWN) also gathered outside the PE High Court as Zondi was grilled by the Defence over her allegations of sexual abuse against Omotoso and praised her for testifying against the Pastor in open court.

Omotoso trial so far

Dauberman last week explained to presiding Judge, Mandela Makaula, that his clients had "refused to plead to all the charges against them”.

Judge Makaula entered a not guilty plea on their behalf.

Daubermann had also asked the court to throw the case out after the State apparently failed to provide specific details about exactly where and when the apparent abuses happened. 

Judge Makaula ruled that the trial continues.

Judge Makaula did not state any reasons why he decided to proceed with the trial that is expected to conclude in December.

There was also drama at the trial after two women claiming to be Omotoso's security were thrown out of the court building by police.

State witness provides damning testimony against Omotoso and Solani

On Wednesday, the first state witness, 22-year-old Nombulele Cheryl Zondi, who said she was sexually abused by Omotoso from when she was just 14 years old, chose appear in open court.

Zondi detailed how she joined the church and was later sexually abused by Omotoso at his Durban home.

She also linked one of Omotoso's co-accsued, Lusanda Solani, to the abuses.

The Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission) commended Zondi for her bravery and said that more girls have since come forwardasking for help to get justice following their abuse by religiuous leaders.

The trial has also attracted attention from Omotoso's home country in Nigeria.

The trial continues... 

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